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    Poly Spring, a Plato style minimalist building, is painted in pure white inside and outside, like a dazzling white hill on a green lawn, bathed in verdant trees. This story building is made of an outer hanging wall with a whole shear wall behind it. Through exquisite design, the interior of the building is designed as a pure no column space, which has a dramatic expressive force.

    Up to 4 meters, the high permeability thermal insulation glass curtain wall has replaced the wall surface that obstructing the line of sight in the past, surrounded the whole building, and formed an unbounded state indoors and outdoors. The raw material from the ground extends from the vestibule to the interior of the space, meaning that it is natural to walk with people, and from outside to the interior, it meets the same sand covered area which is also painted white. The green trees planted in the entrance of the vestibule grow upwards through the roof of the round roof, and the mottled shade of trees projecting into the white walls of the grey space.

    Here, there is no superfluous thing attached to the building, no cluttered ornaments, no unsuccessful changes, some only light and transparent buildings and the floating space inside and outside. The unity and integrity of the design make the space form, visual elements, application materials and even functional zoning fully echo the surrounding environment, so that indoor and outdoor, dynamic and static interaction can reach a clever balance - in a very simple way, to build a comfortable and relaxed, and a real Utopian Utopia.

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