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本馆主要向世人展示岭南地区金融发展历程及其重要意义,而博物馆设于一处极具岭南传统风格的文物书院内,既要做出满足现代观众参观的博物馆,且又保留书院静谧文雅的气质,展现一个新旧融合的创新展陈空间。 由于本项目属于市级文物保护单位,出于对文物的保护与尊重,设计和施工都需要比新建筑考虑得更多,哪怕拆一块砖、钻一个洞,都需要跟专家商讨,还要考虑到新加的结构如何与旧建结构互不影响。

The museum mainly shows the course of financial development in Lingnan region and its important significance, and the museum is located in a cultural relics academy with a very traditional style of Lingnan, which not only meets the needs of the modern audience, but also preserves the quiet and elegant temperament of the academy, showing a new and old innovative exhibition space. Because this project belongs to the cultural relic protection unit at the municipal level, because of the protection and respect for cultural relics, the design and construction need to be considered more than the new building, even if you remove a brick and drill a hole, you need to discuss with the experts, but also take into account how the new structure and the old structure do not affect each other.



Before the transformation, we laid down the principle of "changing the old as the old" and how to transform it into a museum under the premise of preserving the original appearance of the College. First, the new objects and the old buildings coexist without destruction, the second is the recoverability, and the third is to meet the visit conditions of the museum. After discussion, we have carried out a series of "activation transformation" for the museum: the additional structure is independent of the original construction; the equipment and the additional structure have a breathable scale; and the visitors' body comfort can be enhanced as far as possible.


我们针对本馆进行一系列的空间再“创造”: 让文物建筑保持其呼吸,设备及加建结构均留有透气尺度;加建结构均独立承重不依附原建;开发展柜新模式隐藏各种设备(空调、恒湿、照明);提升参观者的参观体感舒适性;对于展陈中的灯光布局与设计,按照现场我们订制了一系列的展柜及专业照明设备;展版材料方面,考虑到岭南地区多雨潮湿天气的影响,经过多种材料的研究与尝试,最终选择了适合的防潮和耐磨用料作为展版。

We carry out a series of space re-creation for the museum: to keep the cultural relics building breathing, the equipment and the additional structure are left with a breathable scale; the additional structure is independent of the original structure; the development of a new mode of exhibition cabinets to hide a variety of equipment (air conditioning, constant humidity, lighting); to enhance the physical comfort of visitors; For the lighting layout and design in the exhibition, we ordered a series of display cabinets and professional lighting equipment according to the scene; in the aspect of exhibition materials, considering the influence of rainy and humid weather in Lingnan area, after the research and attempt of a variety of materials, the suitable moisture-proof and wear-resistant materials were selected as the exhibition version.

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