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    Light Zen, heavy modern, this case is the kitchen cabinet + House custom exhibition hall, the designer has overthrown the traditional custom exhibition hall style, with different plate and decorative material to show each space, each other as a contrast, and with their respective extension. The Wall surface large area has used the fashion special favorite dark color department cement ash and the water wash stone which remains in the old time, the cement texture has maintained the original flavor, but the water wash stone unique unsophisticated in concurrently has can not say the unique fashion sense. The background wall of the hall and passageway uses the heavy white putty powder to push out the different texture by hand, in rough and delicate, send out the rich and exotic amorous feelings. If Cement Plaster, washed stone and putty powder each show their own style in different ways, the landscape on both sides of the passage is the highlight of the whole space, and the designer extends it into the interior by means of architectural appearance, with the elements of Zen in mind, it is fascinating to see the vermilion ball in the iron screen and the white circle in the washed stone. The whole landscape is arranged in a neat pattern. Looking at it from afar and at close range, it is like a moving picture scroll. Under the reflection of the light, the beauty of different artistic conceptions flows out, but in the zen idea the virtual and the real are like to find the respective belonging.

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