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    簡奈設計 | 家是不倦的風景
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    设计师: 张振威
    簡奈設計 | 家是不倦的風景说明:


    Members: a young couple; a male baby; a pair of parents;


    The practical area of the entire apartment is not large, and the space is divided into 4 functional spaces.


    Meet the needs of a family of 5 with three generations. The space is separated from static and dynamic, and cleverly arranged, which not only ensures relative privacy, but also has interaction and communication, reflecting the balance of function and aesthetics.


    The balcony landscape is left to the living room to introduce nature into the space, creating an emotional abstract form that reinterprets the formal factors such as color, shape, balance, depth, composition, scale, and touch.


    In order to highlight the spatial temperament more, the shape of the furniture is subtracted, and the simple and clear lines are used to echo the texture of the space. The choice of furniture material is also considered in conjunction with the spatial tone, so that the space is harmonious and unified in different dimensions.


    Finally, according to the difference of function and the logical relationship, it reflects the independent aesthetic positioning of young people. At the same time, it creates an immersive experience that after the family is working all day, they can be infected by a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere when they return home.

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