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    启呈设计 | 《温度》 事实上那是感官上的刺激,是商业语言,不是设计。
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    设计师: 李忠光
    启呈设计 | 《温度》 事实上那是感官上的刺激,是商业语言,不是设计。说明:


    cozy house

    In July 2018, Mr. Li Zhongguang was invited to design German System Household ROLESS. In September, ROLESS was officially launched.



    This is a case with "warm and light".The lights in darkish color are easily becoming the highlights, and the light is easily associated with a word "cozy" which is the most proper name for this case.



    [cozy house] , is not only majestic and ritual resemble classical-European-style, but also be full fill of French romance.The color of the public area is very bold and diverse, and it aims to show more possibilities to the customers.



    It is used lots of grey in living room and dinning room, which seems to have inherent magic to make people feel comfortable and soothing, peace and restrained. The designer decorates these areas with lights and green plants, which can easily make the house be fashionable and substantial.



    It is used a little Hermes oranges in the study room,which impacts visual perception in a new form. This high saturated color can make people focus on a point and add spatial Layering to the house.




    现在很多人觉得所谓的“美”是越大越美,越奢越美,越多越美,事实上那是感官上的刺激,是商业语言,不是设计。 所以我们不能把感官的刺激当作美,把所谓“时尚”当作设计。而作为设计师,是有责任去提醒你的客户未来的生活是什么样子的。


    Now many people think that the so-called "beauty" is the bigger, the more luxurious and the more multiple. But in fact, it is more sensory stimulation or “a commercial language” than design. Therefore, we can not regard sensory stimulation as beauty, and so-called "fashion" as design. As a designer, it is the duty to remind your client what life will be in the future.





    Open kitchen

    The case in the open kitchen area used a large number of low saturation blue, this blue is also known as "cobalt blue" in the color added to a certain proportion of gray, can increase the color texture, presents a very pure sensory effect, elegant and comfortable style of call out. The overall tone is depressed, the low saturation color matching balances the vision, and then matches with a metallic decoration to make the space look a high-level sense.

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