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    启呈设计 | 《无间》无间冬夏,心在桃园
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    设计师: 李忠光
    启呈设计 | 《无间》无间冬夏,心在桃园说明:



    No matter time passed, my heart will go on.


    Although the symbolic design is popular, such a modular design can no longer touch people's hearts. People's cognitive style has undergone fundamental changes, from "concrete" to "abstract", from "entity" to "phenomenon", from "continuous" to "intermittent"...


    In this case, the designer takes the partition, the screen, the vacancyas a “break”, to let the space bid farewell to the sense of saturation, and takes these “breaks”to connect the interior space to make it more tension. The designer expresses the concept of “connection”with “breaks”and expresses the good wish of “No matter time passed, my heart will go on.




    Reject "experience design", and pay attention to spatial logic, according to the logic of gradual enclosing and progressive segmentation. Divide into different sizes according to different spatial functions, and obtain multiple spatial sequences with different spatial logic. As people enter the interior of the space, they gradually feel subtle ritual and sense of sequence.




    As the Japanese Yamashita Hideko said in the CUT OFF FORM, abandon the unwanted things, abandon the fascination with the substance, in order to let yourself be in a spacious and comfortable space. This case explores the feasibility of space design with a counter thinking. Simplify the design elements, colors, and materials to achieve the effect of less better, less wins, to improve the comfort and happiness of life.




    Gray,between black and white, it combines the advantages of both, stable and subtle, but it is more artistic, more inclusive and can be matched with any color. The designer also intends to use the neutral color to eliminate the aisle space, so that the interior is more spacious; use the "gray’s" inclusiveness to present the charm of more color combinations, making the space more layered.

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