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    物境·意境·心境 【苏州金茂府】
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    物境·意境·心境 【苏州金茂府】说明:









    When I was designing this project, I was exploring the proposition, what is the core of design?

    As a materialist on aesthetic sense, the owner has rich experience in the creation, placement and collection of implements. She believes that the real meaning of life is to rely on the image, can look at the heart. And desires are faced, not by mere abstinence, but by mastery. Designers need to internalize this spirit and wisdom into space poetry and realm.

    Private house design, is to let the space and objects, the inner spirit of the people have echoes, three unified, constitute a tangible state of life artistic conception and field energy.

    To control desire is to turn life into art. To a large extent, it is about dealing with things in life, from aesthetics to quality standards to ritual sense, and finally transforming living space into living realm. This needs to be based on the extreme requirements of design and objects.

    For example, the light should be able to cooperate with people's emotions, can flow freely, and can be timely folded up. The design of lamps and lanterns is still important, when there is light, the lamp should know to hide; When without light, the lamp itself is a pleasing work of art.

    The living function of contemporary people only satisfies the basic demands of life, and the sense of experience, ritual and exclusiveness is a sublimation above the function. Expressing unique personal temperament, character and pursuit of life in space is the subject that I need to explore from beginning to end.

    When people, objects and space are interlinked, it is the realization of the artistic conception of life, the awareness of "there is something outside the heart, there is nothing in the heart". This kind of wisdom without branches and branches is not born with. To know is to find the balance between materialism and idealism. It is to be magnanimous and open-minded after years of precipitation.

    The objects, places, and hearts are the progressive relations of objects, artistic conception, and mood philosophy, presenting the rationality and authenticity of contemporary space design. Under the guidance of such design philosophy, people can be at ease, relaxed, and satisfied wherever they go in the space.

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