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    东方哲思与未来的合作 【怡境国际城市会客厅】
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    设计机构: 广州卫观建筑装饰工程有限公司
    东方哲思与未来的合作 【怡境国际城市会客厅】说明:








    Eastern philosophy and future cooperation

    Our city and buildings are thinking about returning to nature. I hope that nature can become the symbolic memory of office space in zhujiang New Town with many tall buildings. Entrusting spatial memory is the element that can communicate with the heart most in modern humanistic design.

    This is the natural and harmonious wisdom advocated by the Tao Te Ching. The function of light on human beings is more to witness, to see oneself and all things with one's heart, and to be in harmony with all things. As Wang Yangming said, this heart is bright, then all things grow.

    Oriental aesthetic concept, pay attention to through a door to a window to connect the vast and infinite outside. Open the door where there is no door, and let the light where there is no light. The language of space is here, which can naturally bring landscape elements into the room, such as catching the light, listening for the wind, and touching the rain.

    In the zhujiang New Town business area with inch of gold and foot of soil, such a place without practical natural feelings is not only the modesty of the office area, but also the aesthetic measurement and breadth of mind of the owner. This seemingly useless place of meditation, with the gentle and elegant spirit of natural philosophy, awakens contemporary people's warmth and respect for themselves and their surroundings.

    Tao Te Ching says: with its light, return to its brightness. Different from the use of natural light, indoor lighting is the law of intercommunication between reality and reality and painting. As long as there is just the right beam of light, it can be attributed to calm and simple, so that the soul has a place, people will eventually return to the heart, all things to return to the main road.

    This should be a space in harmony with nature and with a sense of the future. I tried to break down the purely functional structure of the office space, hoping to provide a convincing example of the future evolution of a company and a city.

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